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Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Camera Solution

The First Live Streaming Dash Cam System for fleets and vehicles in North America. See how our fleet dash cameras can help your fleet become more effective while improving safety at the same time.

GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

Full Featured Software to enhance your business bottom line. No Contracts with a Low Monthly Cost. Free Hardware. See How a Safety Track System Can Save You Money. Get Started Today.

Manage your fleet more effectively :

Seeing Is Believing!

Without video, you’re only guessing at the truth.

Live Streaming Dash Cameras

Our Live Stream Camera Systems will give you data into your driver’s performance. Remote Playback provides additional insight to improve fleet safety.

GPS Trailer Tracking Solution

America’s Best SellingTrailer Tracking System provides solutions for all your tracking needs. temperature tracking, Real-Time tracking or Inventory Control.

Fleet Tracking Solution

Our Fleet Tracking Systems uses the latest technology to provide you with the data you need to track and trace your vehicles. 30 Second updates – Standard

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet Dash Cameras

There are 4 types of dash cams. 

Basic: which records video and stores it on a SD card within the device. To Playback video, you must remove the SD card from the device and play it on software on a laptop or desktop computer.

Wi/Fi: All the same features as a basic but gives you the ability to connect to the device via WI/FI and watch the video reply.  

Event Upload: all the features of the WI/FI device but gives the ability to upload event video for storage and playback to your server, or computer.

Live streaming: 

Has all the features as the others but provides the ability to stream live back to your cell phone or desktop computer. Remote playback can be available giving you the ability.
How do I watch a video from my dash cam?

With the remote playback feature on the Safety Track system you can playback video from your desktop player.

This depends on how much storage you have inside the dash cam. The larger the SD card the more storage it will give you. Compression ratio is a key feature also. H265 compression can give you up to a 50% increase in video storage on your device. 

With the Live Stream Dash Cams, you can download footage in various ways. The software allows video download to your desktop to review at a later time. You can also retrieve the SD card to download to your computer.

A complete dash cam system can provide your company and team the ability to lower fleet cost and prevent frivolous lawsuits. Current platforms are long lasting and can give you years of reliable performance. ROI can happen within the first week in the event of an accident.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Is a means of locating and maintaining fleet vehicle for the purpose of enhanced performance and increased safety. This is accomplished through a fleet management software all through a small GPS device inside the vehicle.

With any GPS Tracking System, a device is either hard-wired, battery operated, or a OBDII Plug and Play unit is installed into the vehicle. It will send a message to the software at a predetermined time interval, i.e., every 1 minute, 30 seconds, etc…

With GPS fleet tracking your company will have the tools to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and better maintain their fleet vehicles. Fleet vehicles can be the second highest expense for a business and having the ability to better manage them can improve the bottom line.

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Safety Track Live Fleet Cameras & GPS Fleet Management

"It's Time to Put Fleet Safety & Accountability in the Drivers Seat”

Working with Safety Track was an incredible experience for me. The quality of their work was only matched by the quality of the service I received. Thanks for making our team a successful one.
Kevin Adan, Principle
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