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June 2021 – The National Safety Month: How Safety Track is helping to prevent road accidents

June 2021 – The National Safety Month: How Safety Track is helping to prevent road accidents

25 years ago, the National Safety Council (NSC) established June as National Safety Month in the United States. The goal is to raise awareness of the leading safety topics and reducing preventable injuries and deaths at workplaces, homes, and public areas. In 2019, more than 5,000 large trucks were involved in a fatal crash, a 43% increase since 2010.

To help increase safety awareness, the NSC has released the NSC Safe driving toolkit – an area where Safety Track’s technology can make a big difference. With the help of Safety Track’s full line of GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions, we can prevent many road accidents by encouraging the responsible driving. When it comes to Driver’s safety on roads, today’s fleets face many challenges. Distracted driving is the single biggest factor in vehicle collisions. According to the NSC, at least 1.6 million collisions and fatal crashes occur each year because of people making calls or sending text messages while driving.

Our ELogs (ELD) Solution provides you with the tools you need to run your fleet effectively and efficiently.  It has a Drive Interfaces Device (MDT), Engine Diagnostics, Electronic Driver’s Log, and Real-Time Tracking Capabilities. It has the Lowest Failure Rate in the Industry and be Manufactured by One Company. We do understand the trucking industry’s needs and provide the best-in-class service, by bringing our knowledge of industry standards to you. We believe in providing the customized solutions to you depending on your unique needs.

Fleet owners need a way to track and maintain full reports on the number of hours driven, miles and hours. Gone are the days of paper logbooks with hand-written times. Now you will have the ability to track hours/miles driven per day, per week and how much rest time is needed. With your full reporting features, you will be notified when rest is needed and see hours on and hours off. The new feature of creating custom reports specific to your needs is virtually limitless. Everything is at your fingertips. This helps the owners as well as drivers to log everything in a single platform to make it more convenient and user-friendly.

Do reach out to us this June on [email protected] to get tips on embedding a safety-first mindset across your organization and get the best customized solutions for your fleet.

Visit to learn more about National Safety Month and get additional free materials, including injury facts and safety tip sheets.