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Safety Track’s Commitment to be the Best: A letter from Safety Track’s CEO Jeffrey Stoker

Safety Track’s Commitment to be the Best: A letter from Safety Track CEO Jeffrey Stoker

The times are changing rapidly, and things are finally starting to improve. I strongly believe it is important that I reach out to you all and reassure you that Safety Track has been and will always provide the support and services you have been looking for your fleet.

To adhere to the recommendations of our local and national governments, we have taken measures to allow a few of our employees to work from home and we have introduced flexible work timings as well for our technical staff. The safety of our employees is equally important to us. Also, we have equipped all our employees with all the necessary tools to maintain the efficiency required to run our business. With this, we are making sure that our daily operations are running smoothly.

Safety Track’s Commitment: Our Technical Staff

Still continue to maintain the social distancing.

Taking prior appointments of clients before visiting the site for installation.

Taking all the safety precautions while installing the safety fleet cameras.

Remaining available for 6 days a week to make sure they meet less clients in a day.

Safety Track’s Commitment: Our Shipping Department

Is readily available to meet the demands on time and working tirelessly so that you can get the orders on time.

We will continue to diligently monitor and follow all the regulatory updates that may impact the business. We also encourage you to do the same and look out for each other and help each other. By doing so, we will be making our community stronger and at the end it will make a big difference.

We will continue to service your fleet management needs and provide top class service. You have my word on it.