ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance System

Improve Driver Behavior

ADAS - Advanced Driver-Assistance System

Safety Track’s New Advanced Driver-Assistance System – ADAS – is a systems to help the driver in the driving process. Most road accidents occurred due to the human error. Combined with our Live Stream Camera System you get instance notifications of irregular driver behavior, lane departure and distracted driving. The latest is Live Fleet Camera technology, this enhancement give you the ability to monitor driver behavior in real time.


Record Live Video

Monitor live data to enhance safety programs


Live Stream Your Fleet

See the whole picture and not just the event


Cloud Server Analysis

Ride along with your team to create a better driving experience


analyze your data

Use live stream video to ensure company policies are being followed


adapt your company

Coach and counsel drivers on safe driving practices



Create a new environment while improving efficiency & customer service

Automate - Adapt - Enhance Your Fleet Safety System

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