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Benefits By Company Size

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Benefits of Fleet Management Can Be Huge.

Whether your fleet is big or small, the benefits of Fleet Management can be huge. From basic GPS Fleet Tracking or a fleet camera system, in-cab navigation, communication and integration with back office systems. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Benefits by Company Size can determine what you really need. Maybe it is a simple solution, with a simple Plug and Play device in your vehicles. If you have more in your fleet, you may need a more complex solution, providing you with more data. HOS Systems, Temperature sending units, or just tracking units,  all can make your fleet managers life easier. More data, more ways to correct issues. Take a deeper look and see how a Benefits by Company Size might help you.

Small to Medium Businesses

Sometimes, small/medium businesses just need to know where their drivers are – and where they should be.

Other times, they’re looking for tools to reduce costs, like fuel usage or increase productivity, like getting more jobs completed in a day’s time. If you think your fleet is too small for Fleet Management think again. The ROI of Fleet Management can be big for even the smallest of fleets.

Fleet Tracking that’s powerful enough for the nation’s largest fleets, flexible enough for yours.

The challenges facing a fleet at a small or medium business are no different than those at Fortune 100 companies. Whether you have five vehicles or 5,000, you still need to eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage, reduce fuel usage, meet your service delivery commitments, reduce safety incidents, and know where your drivers are at any given moment.

In fact, the challenges facing a small or medium sized business can often be greater than those at a larger one. With fewer resources, the Fleet Manager at a smaller business is often the owner of the company, who, when he’s not paying bills or invoicing customers, is out on the road himself.

In this type of operating environment, it is critical to maximize the return on every dollar spent. That’s why our Fleet Tracking Solution is designed to quickly increase productivity and reduce operating expenses.

Key Benefits:

Regardless of your needs, Safety Track has the right solution to put you in the driver’s seat of your business.

Large / Enterprise Businesses

Key Benefits:

Safety Track offers a comprehensive suite of functionality designed to specifically alleviate issues faced by larger fleets.

With hundreds of vehicles on the road every day, you need one platform for measuring fleet performance across your entire operation.

Whether it’s more visibility into the whereabouts of your drivers, or better communication between field and office workers, the savings large companies can realize from fleet management is substantial. Plus, with the added benefit of GPS integration with schedule compliance applications, a centralized view makes dispatching and managing drivers as easy as 1-2-3.

GPS Fleet Tracking that makes “cents” out of those those dots on a map.

The size of the operations is often a challenge for larger companies operating a fleet. With hundreds of drivers on the road every day, it’s impossible to know how your fleet vehicles are being operated. Beyond that, it’s nearly impossible to align your entire organization so that each division or region is measuring and reporting on the same metrics.

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