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Fleet Management Benefits

Manage your fleet with confidence.

Reap The Rewards Of Improved Fleet Management

Fleet Camera Benefits

Improve your company’s fleet safety and manage driver’s behavior with Safety Track’s Live Streaming Fleet Camera System. Ride along with your drivers to ensure Company Policies and Procedures are being met.

Dashcam Live Stream

GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

Safety Track’s GPS Fleet Tracking System provides important data to help manage your fleet more effectively.  Prevent labor fraud, reduce speeding, lower excessive idling and unauthorized vehicle usage.

Fleet Management Benefits FAQ’s

Most frequently asked questions and answers
GPS fleet tracking software reduces fuel costs by eliminating wasteful idling, speeding, and unauthorized vehicle usage, and by optimizing routes.

Fleet tracking software ensure drivers are accountable for hours they claim to have worked.

Fleet Cameras help your business to identify unsafe and inefficient driving behaviors within your fleet, giving your business the opportunity to improve driver safety, reduce risk, and increase driver retention.

How do you address the rising insurance claim game? Not just the Frivolous law suits, but the workman comp claims, with the lawyer fees and bad press, let alone the repair cost associated with the damages. The best way to prevent these types of claims is to retrain. How can you retrain if you can’t see, or know what is going on while the fleet is out on the road? Live Streaming Video is the only way to see what is going on while the driver is on the road.  Watch what really happens and retrain your drives, reducing accidents now will reduce insurance costs long-term.

Hard Acceleration and Hard Braking are only a few of the examples that wear on your fleet maintenance and repair cost. Excessive idling can add $100’s if not $1,000’s to your monthly fuel cost and to your company’s bottom line. With the Safety Track’s Fleet Management System, you can improve these behaviors and monitor fuel to help increase your fleet’s fuel efficiency by up to 14%.

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