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Improve Customer Service

GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

Improve Customer Service

Safety Track provides you with the tools you need to improve your customer service.

Not only is it important to Safety Track that we keep our customers happy, but more importantly that you keep your customers happy. Safety Track provides you with the tools you need to improve your customer service. Always knowing where your vehicles are allows you to respond quicker to customer emergencies and to location inquiries, serve more customers, and confirm job completion.

Safety Track Fleet Camera Benefits

Customer Emergencies

Safety Track allows dispatch to find the closest vehicles to a particular location and send directions to the driver via email, SMS text message, or to a Garmin Navigation System.

Give Better Estimated Time-of-Arrivals

If a customer wants to know where your service vehicle is or how long it will be before the tech arrives, you can easily check your real-time Safety Track maps and get an estimated time-of-arrival.

More Customers

When your drivers know they are being tracked, they become more efficient at each job site. When your dispatch has the tools to re-route a driver in a moment’s notice, your fleet becomes more efficient. This allows you to serve more customers in less time, which means more money in your pocket.

Resolve Customer Disputes

When the occasional incident occurs where a customer insists a worker only put one hour of time on a job, you can now print an indisputable report showing the length of time your employee was at a particular address.

Job Completion

Need to know if a job has been completed? Use our GPS Tracking System as a time clock for your employees. See when they start and stop working during any given day. You can see exactly what time your driver left a job site.

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