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Municipal Fleet Tracking

City & Community Services

Citizens can expect basic municipal services from the city including transportation, sanitation, water, fire department, police and more.

Benefits of Municipal Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking Solutions

Fleet tracking offers insight into the daily activity of municipal vehicles. GPS mapping allows for real-time vehicle tracking with live traffic feeds and google street view. Dispatch capabilities include messaging, rerouting, and status filtering. Our fleet tracking solutions can also provide alerts for vehicle maintenance and driver behaviors such as speeding and excessive idling.

How Can Fleet Tracking Improve Municipal Services?

  • GPS mapping can reduce drive times increasing efficiency
  • Monitor driver behaviors with live streaming cameras and video
  • Manage fleet with messaging, rerouting, and status filters
  • Maintenance notifications for municipal vehicles

Municipal fleet tracking improves efficiency where it matters. Safety Track’s maintenance notifications can help extend the life and safety of the vehicle. The GPS mapping capabilities can reduce drive times for drivers of government vehicles. Most importantly, fleet tracking provides city councils, commissions and organizations with greater insight into their service processes.

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Safety Track is your one stop source for GPS tracking and fleet cameras. The usefulness of these systems in the municipal industry are undeniable. Contact our team to discuss your fleet management options.

Municipal Fleet Tracking Solutions

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